who we are

Started by singer-songwriter Cassie Beer, Rosalind & the Way is a five piece Americana band that sings songs full of personal experiences and raw emotion. They blend influences from bluegrass, americana, folk, and a dash of rock to create a commanding presence. 

In February 2018, Rosalind & the Way was the first band signed with Marble Lounge Records, a program made possible by the University of Saint Francis. Working with Grammy-nominated producer Rob Mathes (Sting, Panic At the Disco!, The Greatest Showman) and Miles Fulwider, their first full-length album was released on June 29.

The band has played the main stage at Middle Waves Music Festival, Three Rivers Festival, Two-EE's Winery, The B-Side at One Lucky Guitar, Rock the Plaza, the Embassy Theater, and many more events. They have opened for Anthony D'Amato, Michaela Anne, Lily & Madeleine, and the Legendary Trainhoppers. 

Rosalind & the Way are just great—they’re excellent songwriters and performers, generous and passionate, an absolute blast and yet responsibly professional. That means a great deal to me as a promoter (they’ve performed several times, including with touring acts, at the venue I manage) and colleague (our bands have shared the bill multiple times). Plus, I’m just a huge fan of their heartfelt and inspiring music.
— Matt Kelley, The B-Side at One Lucky Guitar / The Legendary Trainhoppers
Rosalind and the Way: Legend or Myth. From the gritty opening guitar riffs of Pieces of You, it’s clear that this is not the R&tW that I first heard two years ago at the Golden, where I immediately fell for Cassie Beer’s crystalline voice and the band’s exuberant Union Station-like delivery. Washes of muscular guitar, call-and-response backing vocals that curve and swirl, and atmospheric keyboards edge many of the tunes toward alt-rock, while the earthy twang of the title track and the poignant and pleading Dandy Walker and Waiting for Summertime call to mind the folk-country of Caitlyn Canty. The title track asks, “am I legend/or am I myth,” but overall, the album suggests that the answer is—-neither. Beer’s bold assertion that she will no longer “defend a dead man’s house” and that she’s tired of exclusionary and partisan “holy wars” announces a theme that resonates throughout: we are not the stories we tell ourselves, nor the stories we tell others, nor the stories others tell about us; rather, the one true way is to walk the walk and live the truth.
— David Todoran, David Todoran & the mobile homewreckers
Rosalind & the Way’s unique sound is as accessible as it is profoundly moving. Beer’s artistic vision fits the verity of the band, and their story is as easy to fall in love with as their vibe.
— Alicia Pyle, Alicia Pyle Quartet and Sweetwater Instructor
Few songwriters impress me. Not sense Zachary Melton’s songs on The Pits have I been so moved. But former student Cassie Beer has managed to do so with the song Legend or Myth (and the rest of her forthcoming album). Do yourself a favor and take a listen.
— Barton Price, Purdue University Fort Wayne
Cassie Beer, front-woman of the band Rosalind & the Way, sings “the warm sun will come clear out the cobwebs in my mind” on the track “Waiting for Summertime” from their album “Legend or Myth.” One can’t help but think that those webs must be collecting a lot of beautiful song ideas. While this album still has the uplifting feel that Rosalind & the Way are known for, it also brings with it heartfelt questions, melancholy moments, and another level of growth in both the writing and execution of the songs. Musically, songs like title track “Legend or Myth” remind me of a country and Americana tinged style but with flavors of bands like Counting Crows, while “Build It” brings some 70’s soul flavor to the record.
— Adam Baker, Adam Baker & the Heartache