Thoughts from nate


Lately we've been really buckling down and trying to work on song writing. 

For me (Nate) I've been realizing its WAY harder to write than I thought it was going to be originally. I've put together my music studio the last few weeks and I've finally got everything setup so I can leave all my instruments out and work on writing. No more thinking about what I need to setup or what would be to much to dig out of my basement. Now I can finally just sit down and write. 

The main thing I’ve realized though is, This is HARD! 
— Nate Yaroslaski




Cassie makes this all seem so simple. But man, this is hard. Don't worry! We're going to make new music happen! Be patient, stick with us! Hopefully we'll have come up with some new music to surprise you with.

Cassie Beer